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We here at Aultcomm LLC are committed to providing our clients with the most complete and comprehensive design/build drawings and specifications for any low voltage project. Among the systems we work with are: structured cabling, communications, network, security cameras, and audio/visual for residential and commercial projects. With over 40 years of experience, we possess all of the necessary knowledge and contacts to design projects ranging from cabling to implementation. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach, making every design we create unique to the given circumstance.

Our comprehensive services provide drawings specifically created for low voltage requirements, system designs and specifications, as well as additional line drawings upon request. In every instance, we compare a number of different manufacturers in each discipline, thus ensuring all distinct project requirements are appropriately met. Not only does this allow us to accommodate our customers' needs, but it also enables us to assess and compensate for any concerns regarding flexibility. Ultimately, we believe we are able to give our customers the best designed systems for their project and their bottom line.

Our vast experience in the industry has provided us with the knowledge of what it takes to engineer, furnish, and install these systems with the utmost quality, giving us a grand advantage over other design groups. Throughout our 40 years of work, we have also come to know and partner with many manufacturers and distributors to work with us on each design.

This brings us full circle to the original question:

Got Designs?

Contact us for your next project and see how Aultcomm can help make it the best project you have ever experienced.

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Structured Cabling

At Aultcomm LLC, we specialize in structured low-voltage cabling of all types. Structured cabling consists of all horizontal and vertical cables for your infrastructure and is engineered to meet the needs of all the systems to be installed on your property. This encompasses the “riser” cabling that services all floors or sections of your facility and the “station” cabling which runs from the user end to the closets where your equipment resides. This infrastructure can be composed of copper twisted pairs, fiber, or coax backbone. Structured cabling not only applies to commercial properties but also apartment complexes and single family homes.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are the most effective deterrent and capture device for any incident on your property. Whether it is your home or your business, cameras don’t confuse the facts. We work directly with the manufacturers and distributers to bring our customers the most cost-effective and high-quality systems to protect their property, employees, and family. Designed specifically for your concerns, our systems have the flexibility for fixed or scanning cameras with your choice of continuous or motion-activated recording. This flexibility also enables you the options to view your property locally or over the internet and to control the cameras’ line-of-sight from your desk, phone, or tablet. In the event of an incident that needs to be reported to the authorities, this evidence can be loaded onto a flash drive or even sent in a file via email. We also provide support in these events to give proof of authentication, if required.

Access Control

Access control is one of the major components of your property’s security. Referred to as card access, access control grants property owners the ability to control when and where personnel are permissioned to access. The use of encoded ID cards, key fobs, or a simple number code will provide access or restriction from all areas of the property to selected personnel. These authorizations and/or restrictions can also be provided on a time-of-day schedule. Doors and gates can easily be controlled with the use of access control. This restricts not only foot traffic but vehicle access to garages, warehouses, or fenced properties. Our systems are easily maintained and can be quickly adjusted for changes to personnel levels of access. They can also work in concert with security cameras, for example, by activating a camera to record at a high resolution close-up when a door is opened.


Audio/Visual systems come in many shapes and sizes. Businesses may enjoy soft, ambient, background music in their lobbies or complete video conference systems whereas homeowners may want music in the kitchen or television and sound systems throughout the house. These systems can provide overhead intercoms/paging indoors and outdoors, digital displays for advertising or instructional videos, and touch screens for visitors to access information. Creating presentations in the boardroom can be enhanced with the use of in-ceiling speakers and interactive displays for your prospective customers.

Home Theater

Have no idea what to do with that spare room? Home theater can be customized for any room size: a 50” series monitor with 5.1 surround sound for smaller areas or, for much larger areas, a screen of up to 105” with a high definition projector and 7.2 ATMOS sound may be installed. Throw in the theater seating and lighting and you are all set for that family movie night or the romantic movie for two. Parties and video games for the kids all become alive with a theater. Working with our partners in the industry, we can provide a beautiful home theater experience for you and your family.

Total Home A/V

Total Home A/V is designed to give our residential customers full control over their "smart home." A/V systems can be limited to just common-area rooms or can encompass the whole household. Touch pads are installed throughout the house which allows homeowners to control TV, music, lights, and other components in each zone with the touch of a button.

Voice/Data Networks

Aultcomm LLC provides voice and data network linkage. In addition to structured cabling within the home, we also install the required hardware for telephone and Ethernet systems.


Whether your home or business utilizes satellite or cable service, we can implement the distribution systems necessary. Our projects have ranged in size from large apartment complexes and corporate buildings to small offices and homes. We provide design and installation of the cabling, equipment, and signaling services for all customers.